Chimney Repair

Routine chimney maintenance is essential when it comes to keeping your house and family safe. Many problems can occur over time from neglected chimney maintenance including roof leaks and erosion of your chimney and fireplace. It is very challenging to diagnose the problem on your own, and even dangerous if you're not a trained expert. Beaver Home Services has a team of professionals that will assess and address any of your chimney problems.


One of the most common issues we find are chimney leaks. This often occurs where the flashing on your chimney meets the roof. A leaky flashing can cause all sorts of problems which can require costly repair. 


Flashing is typically made of sheet metal and is installed for the purpose of ensuring that the connection between the chimney and roof is watertight. However, over time the effectiveness of flashing eventually wears down causing leaks that may not be noticeable until costly damage is already done. It’s good practice to inspect the chimney area in the attic every six months to a year to be sure that there are no signs of leakage.


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